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Acrylic on paper, cutout and collaged.  Purely experimental but I think I’m onto something here …

Welcome to 2010!!! Barbara Campbell Jewelry Trunk Show…

Welcome to 2010!!! I hope everyone had a great time on New Year! I look forward to posting more I welcome suggestions. I also will be working harder and promoting my brand-“BARBARA CAMPBELL ACCESSORIES”, a jewelry line- so I ask of you if you have direct contacts with editors, the media or friends who love one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry made in NYC please send me an email and I will follow-up and let you know the results. I will be doing a series of trunk shows in NYC, I do look forward to inviting you all to attend. If you have not sign-up for our mailing list you can do so on the site or send me a direct e-mail: I will keep you all updated. Happy New Year!!! Let’s all make it a good one!


How I Discovered “Shustir”- An Entrepreneur’s Point of View…

As an entrepreneur, with old-fashioned classic marketing practices
(I still use pens, paper & stamps to “snail” mail my clients for marketing my business) it has been a challenge to convert to the new age of social media and the Internet. You don’t know which social media works, or what online shopping store to trust with your personal information, or that it’s even a real business.

I am going to give you an example… I do like reading my New York Times, especially on Sunday, where I can pull out my styles section and keep up to date with the latest trends in NYC. But what I really love to do is walk to my nearest local news stand on Union Street in Park Slope, Brooklyn and pick-up and select the best press newspaper and look forward to reading it because it was written by real reporters who care about giving you the facts. It scares me how many new papers are closing and are going online. But for many, “hard copy” brings the comfort of continuing to read a reliable paper that they trust with real reports that gives them real news…

That’s what Shustir is to me as an online marketplace for consumers to buy from small businesses, professionals and entrepreneurs. I like to say “Real people with real products & services”. When I was first told about a new online community, by Cody McBurnett, principal at Cody McBurnett Marketing and Design and editor-in-chief at, an online magazine, I just knew this was something special I wanted to be a part of.

I believe in referrals, so when I got a great referral to Shustir it eased my concerns about getting involved with a new online community. As an entrepreneur running a small business I constantly work on my outreach all the time, to communicate my products and services to my target market audience.

So, one night after dinner and after walking my dog, I decided to log on to and to my surprise I insistently loved it! I loved what their mission stands for and I loved the layout of the site. I couldn’t let my excitement get the best of me so I continued to explore the site and review their services.

One of the main services they provide is to increase your Web Presence with a VIRTUAL STOREFRONT.

One of the most important rules for business owners is to keep-good-records and keeping your overhead low. This is the rule I apply when I am considering a new venture. So when I consider, which has provided me with a platform to promote and showcase my products and services, it was a must-have-to-join

If you are considering joining the online community today or planning on opening your virtual storefront on, do so and come by and visit my profile page on -click the link and view my Accessories products and services, see my favorites and become a fan of Barbara Campbell Accessories on

Check out today!

Written by, Barbara Campbell Entrepreneur: CEO, Creative Director and Designer at Barbara Campbell Accessories.

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We asked! What items from the new collections should every woman own?Barbara Campbell answers… It’s hard to chose I actually have four collections this year my GLAM ROCK, Industrial Revolution, BLACK RAIN and Simple & Elegant. But what I’ll tell you is that every woman will find her favorite GREEN best. Starting with my signature piece “BC Logo” necklace, “BC Ivory Cream” leather cuff and “Dottie”. Good luck ladies, it’s hard to choose, they are all great unique, affordable, Eco-Glam pieces!
Got to have them! Want to see them! Shop-in-person at one of Barbara Campbell NYC or The Hamptons Stores. For store locations click the link.Going Green! Shop Online
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